About the centre – University of Copenhagen


For Danish institutions to compete internationally within the fast developing fields of
biology, biotechnology and biomedicine, a national large-scale sequencing centre and a tissue bank was long a high priority by Danish scientists.

Together with colleagues from the Faroe Islands and Greenland, representing a broad range of disciplines and institutions, the group received a grant from the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation in 2009 to make the centre a reality.

The centre contains sequencing facilities to support a wide variety of projects within the broad areas of genomics, population genetics, conservation, biodiversity, evolution, environmental genetics, viral diversity, human diseases as well as plant diseases and stress, nationally as well as internationally.

The centre helps generate important data in key areas such as climate change,
ecosystem stability, extinctions, and human diseases, which are critical for understanding the impacts of global warming, conducting accurate future conservation management/planning of natural resources and for predicting epidemics.

Importantly, the centre and its associated research has established a background for future genetic studies and developments in Denmark, in addition to making Denmark internationally recognised within key scientific areas.